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4*2 Baked Biscuits 500g Dog Treats

4*2 Baked Biscuits 500g Dog Treats

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Product Description

Traditionally oven baked biscuit to meet the specific needs of greyhounds. Recommended for all greyhound breeds and show dogs

Product Benefits

  • Provides an optimum level of supplementary nutrition through the carefully balanced ratios of protein, fat, fibre, and micro ingredients

  • Greater flexibility in controlling feeding weight as each 4 x 2 biscuit offers a consistent weight of 32g

  • Low in fat


Metabolic Energy is 121kcal per 32g Biscuit


NOTE: all biscuits are loosely packed into boxes so there may be some avoidable breakages. This will not affect the product or the great flavour.


Serving Suggestions

  • Provides a healthy meal when soaked in broth, milk or warm water
  • Served dry, provides a tasty, nourishing reward or treat



Always have a bowl of fresh, clean water available for your dog at all times. 


Product Ingredients

Wheat flour, Beef meal, Tallow, Sugar, Salt, Amino acids, Potassium sorbate


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